SMART Conference 2017 | Smart digitalization

On 22 March we will be bringing together Sweden’s leading IT decision-makers and change managers to be inspired, discuss, network and share experiences over a one-day conference. You will meet prominent IT managers, best-selling authors, change managers and in some cases world-famous speakers. Our conference has one single purpose: to make you smarter and help you to benefit from the advantages of digitization by assuming the role of perhaps the company’s most important business strategist. We promise you a forward-looking conference, the aim of which is to translate words into action.

March 22, 2017

SMART Conference 2017 – at Berns in Stockholm March 22

When developments take new turns, the rules of the game are changed radically. The IT manager, who used to be an expert in a specialist area, assumes the role of perhaps the company’s most important business strategist.

We can’t say that everyone’s discovered what’s happening. But those of you reading this are definitely among the initiated. You know what’s in the pipeline, from the cloud to all of the opportunities hiding up there. You are constantly exploring the new opportunities. Every day you pick up as much knowledge as you can get your hands on, so that you can make use of all of the advantages of digitisation. After all, digitisation is already a fact. The first step has already been taken.

Now it’s all about taking the next step and exploiting the benefits. This is exactly what Axians’ SMART Conference 2017 is all about.

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A smart conference that aims to help you benefit from the advantages of digitization!

Welcome to Axians’ Smart Conference at Berns, March 22, 2017! We have one single purpose. To make you smarter and to help you benefit from the advantages of digitization. To help you seize the opportunities that come are appearing there.

During Smart Conference on 22 March, it’s our aim to find answers to the following questions:

– Where do you find digital solutions to enhance your competitive strength? 
– Which threats can you eradicate? 
– What opportunities do you have to accelerate the company’s success with new IT solutions? 
– How do you make digitization your best friend in practice?

We promise you a forward-looking conference, the aim of which is to translate words into action. The day will offer interesting insights behind the scenes in companies and industries that have succeeded, and some that have failed. We will offer meetings featuring provocative and in some cases world-famous speakers who love shaking up and opening your senses. As well as practical sessions where you can get involved and work out which methods are ideal for your own company.

When you head home from Berns in the evening, you’ll take with you not only inspiration and new ideas that will make your brain spin. Above all you’ll have practical knowledge to boost your business. We’d expect you to start doing the right thing at work the very next day. You won’t want to miss this!

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Practical information:

Date: 22 March 2017
Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Venue: Berns in Stockholm
Price: The price of the SMART Conference is SEK 1,995. If you have been given a VIP code, please enter that in your registration.

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